English version: Local trips

In the early spring of 2009, I was a part of a project to map out accessible recreation areas in Norway. One of my assistents was writing a thesis for her Master’s degree on universal design. Universal design was still in it’s early stages in Norway and as of the time being, there was no standard for what the term even means. But you have to start somewhere. The pictures in this letter show some of the places that we visited for the project. I also did some trips to Samsjøen in Midtre Gauldal, and a long road trip to Førde, Sogn og Fjordane.

Yes, I live in a beautiful country. We had the radio on during the drive and coincidentally they played Ulf Lundel’s ”Öpna lanskap” (Open Landscape). You can hear it by clicking here. It just made the experience that much better. Norway’s nature is definitely worth preserving and we should really appreciate it more. Thanks to a creative assistent, my car, my ability to organize, a great hotell with service-minded personel at Rica Sunnfjord Hotel & Spa, and cooperative assistents here at home, I was able to go on and enjoy this trip.

 I want to encourage everyone to visit these accessible recreation areas. Not only for enjoyment but in the least to prove that accessibility is highly possible.

Trips in Sør-Trøndelag

Trips in Sogn and Fjordane

Plans and initiativs for universal design planned in Nord-Trøndelag

4H- Handbook for outdoors activity

4H- Outdoor life for everyone

Documentary clip about universal design

National development for universal design in counties and municipality

Needs, requirements and standars for universal design in the travel buisness



 Pictures will be available soon, you can see them at the Norwegian version of this site here: Nærturer

Translated by: Marta Øgaard